Day wandering tokyo

Today after breakfast I headed out and went to shinjuku to wander around the streets parks and such. I had the ayrsngest hankering for subway–one I the only places you can get a real style deli sandwich. After giving up I ended up getting a chicken sandwich from wendys :(. I bring this up because after sitting in the park enjoying people watching and the gorgeous weather, I walked back by that same wendys. What was next door? Subways. How in the world did I not see it?!?!? I as so annoyed at myself!

After lunch I continued wandering around the city looking through ships and such. I found a good rice cooker to replace the old one that mysteriously went missing after my stint in Australia. I also found an arm band strap for my iPod that I hadn’t bought yet for the gym. The accessories here or things I add to your phone camera iPods and any other electronic item is crazy. What a market!

I had to go back toward home by 5:30 to meet mama and papa for dinner. Papa also took my film from the good camera to get it developed. While it was being developed, we had a huge yakiniku feast. All sorts of meat and vegetables Cooked on a grill in front of us. After dinner we went to pick up the film and 4 rolls cost me $40. They were only rolls of 24 so I was surprised this was “good pricing” anyhow, lesson learned that I will never ever again waste effort or time with a film camera. After looking through the pictures there are only about 6 that I really liked. 6 for $40 definitely wasn’t where I needed to use money :(

When we got home their neighbor saw me and we spoke for a bit. She still ha the funny carttion voice that I remembered and their dog was still active but old looking. The little 12 year old girl is bow in he senior year of college. Yes, I feel older now.

Anyhow that evening mama and I stayed up Late talking about our lives and the past. She showed my her diaries that she keeps a daily log of events and draws pictures from them. I hope my work with the upcoming artist exhibition that I’m volunteering for at the Japanese consulate could open an opportunity for mama to come to the us to show her work. That just would be awesome. It would be a great way to thank them for everything theyve done for me.

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