French concession and Lost Heaven

Today I had no real plan other than to stroll along the streets of the French Concession. This area of Shanghai is a really nice, quaint area due to its boulevards lined with trees. These trees are full, shapely, and create a really green space within the confines of such a bustling city. It seems to dampen out the sounds of horns and the typical noise pollution of the bustling city.

The weather continued its wet, damp mistiness and didn’t lend itself to providing a nice backdrop to any photos. I stumbled upon a nice little café and went in for lunch. I was so hungry at this point so I was looking forward to something filling. Luckily, the sign on the front showed that a daily special was there—Cordon Blue? Sure!

After a hearty meal, I continued my walk all the way to where I had previously ended the night with Branden and Katherine, our Colorado friend from the artist painting. I weaved through the alleyways of this shopping area filled with people from all over the world, and shops carrying everything from around the world as well.

The weather continued its murky look, and started drizzling some, but I continued to make my way to the famous Hyatt on the Bund, to check out the much touted lookout from the top bar, called Vue.

After quite a hike, I made it, and went to the top and could barely even see anything it was so misty and foggy. It did make the city skyline look pretty cool because the buildings simply faded away to nothing into the clouds, though I knew that there was half a city not being seen.

After here, I decided to try another top restaurant called ElWilly, and made my way there to find that it was closed on Sunday. Which is odd, because I’m sure the site said open Monday through Sunday, to which I thought, why don’t they just say everyday. Anyhow, Maybe they mean Monday until Sunday at 12:01am?

I then luckily saw that Lost Heaven, another popular restaurant was just around the corner, so made my way over there where I dined on a feast of great Chinese food including vegetable spring rolls, Cambodian Chicken Curry, Hunan Spicy Beef, and an Eggplant dish served with tomato sauce. It was delicious and I cleaned my plate.

I then headed back home to pack and relax for my train trip back to Beijing tomorrow.

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