Gamla Stan & Mikael!

Today we went to the city center to look at Gamla Stan, or the Old City. It is really cool, because the oldest buildings are lining the street with all types of shops of traditional goods, tacky souvenir shops, and tons of foreigners. After we walked around there for a while, we decided that the weather was perfect for a nice panoramic view of Stockholm from different areas on the hill. We went to different places to take some really nice pictures of the city and then headed back down to go back home for dinner. On the way through one of the subway stations, which of course, Stockholm being a big city, there are several, I run into Mikael. Of course, it was about time I run into someone that I know randomly again, because it’s only been like eight times throughout this trip that I have run into people I know!! Mikael was an exchange student last year at my University from Sweden, and he lives in Stockholm. Walking through the station I never thought I would run into him, but low and behold I see him. We talked about how his trip was back from the states and decided that we should try to meet before I leave Sweden. Fun fun, I really love travel.

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