Great Last Day of Class!

Today was the last day of my lecture classes, and it really couldn’t have ended any better. I was dressed in my suit for our final presentation for my Business Communications class–our topic: The Bias against/for Bush regarding the Katrina Disaster. My Cross Cultural Management class professor, Prem, is this amazing Indian woman from South Africa. We were the first group to present early on in the semester and we set a high standard (per Prem’s comments) and we got High Distinction on our presentation mark–the highest in the class. So that set me for a good feeling for the exams. Then, Sneha, a Gujarati friend of mine made me all sorts of Indian food because she knew I loved India so much–so I had that for dinner–It was EXCELLENT! She’ll be going back to India for the summer. Then, in Business Communications, our group went first and did a great presentation, so I finished all my classes with a bang. Just finish exams and then I’m off to see Rebecca in Hawaii!!

One thought on “Great Last Day of Class!”

  1. That’s sad with Hawaii: Then you woun’t be in Sydney when I’m there on the beginning of December. :(

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