Halloween Party Success!


What an amazing Halloween Party! After lots of preparation including makeshift Capsicum pumpkins, streamers, balloons, tombstones, bats, spiderwebs, and candles everywhere, the night was ready to begin! We had our keys attached to a balloon that would be dropped down to the entrance when people buzzed in–and attached were the rules of the murder mystery game we had going. Paula arrived in tow of so many goodies and spent some time getting them prepared. We had everyone to the balcony area (you can see there are quite a few), I had the murder mystery game going, and had a best costume vote, and got to see all the new friends I’ve made since I’ve been here since July. It was fantastic. Chris fired up the grill and we had sausages, great desserts, nachos etc.. being host though, I missed out on a lot of the food! Thanks everyone for an amazingly successful party!

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