Happy New Year’s 2006

After I arrived back into Sydney in the evening, I rushed back to the house to my flatmates having a barbecue. It was perfect because I was starving and tired! We watched some fireworks from our balcony, ate a great barbie, and then headed to the streets for the midnight show. The bridge had a pumping heart on it, and from the top they shot all the fireworks which was foreshadowed by the Opera House. It was really pretty, tons of people, and a nice hot evening. The day of New Year’s was the hottest day on record, climbing up to 41C/111F! It was almost piercingly hot, so I went to the pool and cooled off and enjoyed the sun. That night, we had such a huge wind storm followed by a down pour of rain, which luckily cooled the city off.

I hope everyone had a nice New Year’s, and I’m looking forward to a successful, eventful year!

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