So it’s been a little bit since my last post, but this week was quite hectic with some group project meetings, and individual presentation, thus nothing too exciting was going on. Alan invited me to a party this evening just a block away from my place, so I joined him. After meeting people, I then met Hiromi and Joshua, half Australian half Japanese that have just moved to Australia about 3 years ago (Hiromi) and 6 weeks ago (Joshua). I had so much fun talking especially to Hiromi as her Japanese is perfect and her Ozzie English is perfect–it’s quite incredible. Interestingly, Joshua’s English sounded like a foreigner. Accents are crazy, and it gives such a little window into your life in a way. So we made plans to go to lunch tomorrow over near her place, as I still haven’t been to Coogee beach yet.

One thought on “Hiromi!”

  1. hey.. thats a really cool pic of us!! hehehe although i look pissed and a bit tired in the pic, it was a great night! hehehe…… :p

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