All Around Brussels and Köperwelten

This morning we got up and took a driving tour of all the main sites in and around Brussels. We saw the Atomium, Manequin Pis, the Royal Palace and more. Delphine met up with us and we went to a flea market to look around. We also stopped by for some lunch near the Grand Central Plaza, and had some coffee at the café that I really liked. “la vache qui regarde passer les trains”

That night, Jürgen and I went to Köperwelten. This exhibition was the coolest thing I had ever seen. It was in an old butchery that gave such an eerie feel to all the exhibits we were seeing of the human body. Really really interesting. We then went home to meet up with everyone and go out for Pitas and french fries.

Saaburg & Luxembourg

We got up early to drive to Saaburg for a small visit. We went up to the fortress that overlooks the entire town, and it was definitely gorgeous. The snow covered houses and the quaintness of this town really made such a charming impression. It’s like, ‘this is what winter is’ type of feeling because it’s completely what you think of for a cold winter day. Smoke stacks puffing little clouds of smoke, complete quiet, and a small wind of chill blowing in the air.