Vessel Tour along the West Coast


As a trainee in APL, we are able to go aboard one of our vessels to see how the industry works. My voyage went from Seattle, to Vancouver, then down to LA’s grand port. Before boarding the President Polk, we were able to see the city of Seattle. At first glance, it seems like quite a clean city, and a really good sized one at that. It had lots of hills like San Francisco, but the greenery of a much more natural city. It seemed like a nice mix of nature and city to me. However, I don’t think I could live with the weather–Rain is so boring to me, moreso than that though, are the gray skies. The Space needle gave a nice view of the city. It seemed like an easy place to get around, and the people were quite friendly. All in all, I think Seattle was a fun place, though I wish I had been able to spend more time there.