Oh my gosh. I had the best time last night in Norrköping. We got there about 6:30 and Kent started at 10:50. I bought a KENT T-shirt to wear during the concert. It started with their new songs on their Väpen och Ammunition CD which I think is so awesome!! Then, like the cover of their new album, a tiger was lit up on the stage in the background with its eyes in the spot lights. I LOVED IT SOOOOOO MUCH. I really couldn’t believe during this awesome concert, to finally be seeing them live, and participating in something so cool like this in Swedish, and in Sweden!! I really felt like a swede when I was able to sing along with the crowd during songs like *Om du var här* and Musik Non-stop. I HAD THE BEST TIME! And it was so cool to have this be the end of my time here in Sweden. We got back late and slept most of the morning this morning. I then had to say good bye to Rickard, because he is going to a golfing tournament that he goes to every year. Sofia and I are staying and then I will see Johanna!

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