Leaving Mana Island and Arriving back in Nadi

This morning, we got up early and headed for the beach. The beach we wanted to go to, Dream Beach, which is characterized by the softest feeling sand you’ve ever felt, was on low tide, and all the water had been sucked back down and it was left with rocks. So we started to walk around the entire island and found ourselves weaving in and out of the beaches and roads getting back to the first beach we had gone too. I felt like such a little islander, because from the time I took my shoes off at the airport, I hadn’t put anything else on! My feet were becoming one with the earth, and dirty at that, but I knew eventually I would have to buy sandals sometime–I just didn’t know when :) After snorkeling some, and playing in the water, we headed for a lunch at a nearby hotel restaurant and got our bellies full before our journey back to the mainland. At first, the 2 hour journey seemed a bit long, but it was so nice. The South Pacific is really quite beautiful, and we saw a lot of great little islands along the way. Actually, one of the islands across from Mana is where the film, The Castaway, with Tom Hanks was filmed. He stayed in a Bure right on Mana island during the filming. After we arrived, we headed for a hostel that had been recommended by Daryl, the deaf guy from AUS. He was staying there, so we headed for the same place. Unfortunately, it was full, so we ended up staying at the place across the street. We had a great dinner and went to the Fire Dance at another hostel right next to this one. The dance was really cool, with the guys twirling the fire right before us. Looked a little dangerous actually, cause they kept dropping the fire batons!

Tomorrow we’re off to Sydney to start our Australian adventure! Stay tuned!!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Mana Island and Arriving back in Nadi”

  1. Well, Ben, it’s great to read your journal since you arrived on your latest adventure!!!! I feel as though I’m with you on that beach!!!! Everyone is fine here–getting ready for turkey, dressing, and all the fixins’ for Thanksgiving Day. Can’t wait to read your next entry. We love you. Mom

  2. Benjamin:

    I’m so happy you’re having a great time. You’re making me want to switch my ticket for Charlotte for one to the South Pacific… Now there’s an idea. Keep up the good fun and I’ll eat some turkey for you!


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