Left-sided Driving!


This morning, Mike and I went straight to the beach for a nice swim for an hour. We then headed to several rent-a-car places to see the best deal for us to drive up the coast up to Brisbane, and to the Australia Zoo. Most of you will know about this zoo because of that crazy crocadile guy, Steve Owen. We found a place that would rent us a good deal. We ended up with a tiny Toyota Echo, manual. As soon as we got in, it is so backwards that Mike was turning on the windshield wipers to make a blinker signal, etc. It was hilarious. He got the hang of it pretty quickly, and we headed up towards Brisbane. After about 2 hours of driving we arrived at the Australia Zoo and headed in to see all the animals. What’s really cool about this zoo is that it’s primarily focused on the regional animals. We saw a crocadile show, pet and played with the Kangaroos, held Koalas, watched Wombats, listened to the prehistoric cry of an emu, ate free pop sicles ;) and watched the tasmanian devil go to sleep. It was great! We then started to head back to Brisbane for dinner. There we found a place that was having a quiz game, and we stayed for that. I had the worst pizza in my life full of lamb, beef, cheese, etc. It was like two dead carcasses on my plate–talk about meat lovers pizza! We then headed back to the car and drove back to Surfer’s Paradise to be greeted by the biggest, orangest, low-hanging moon I’ve ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, I was driving, and it was impossible to take a pic :( Tomorrow we head back for our last days in Australia..

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  1. We are laughing at your “zoo tales”. And the driving sounds hilarious. It’s great to keep up with your adventures! All is well here. Love from all of us. Mama

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