Lima, the third largest city in South America

This morning we woke up and had a great free breakfast at the hostel to get our day started. We figured we could get some food and head outto find a city tour to join so we could get our bearings of the city and see some sights. We walked to Kennedy park and found the kiosk that sold us reserve seats on an open air bus. We missed the 9:30 one so opted for the 2:30 one.

We then headed down Larka street to reach the beach. Walking through the streets is always an adventure with all the stores, vendors, beautiful architecture juxtaposed against ugly worn. Out buildings alongside modern tries as well. After a good 15 minute walkwe started to see the end of the cliffs of miraflores which opened up to beautiful vistas of green cliffs falling down to the actual seashore. My initial impression reminded me of Santa Monica’s seaside highway with tall cliffs to one side. After taking in the initial views,we walked to a kiosk topics up some bikes to ride along the boardwalk.

The ride was great and gave us quick access to multiple parks with statues and people enjoying the serenity of looking over a beautiful landscape backdropped by an endless ocean. We came upon people paragliding as well and definitely want to do it when we come back through Lima on our way out.

We then found our way to lunch at la grab fruits, a recommendation from someone on our flight. Our hostel is absolutely the most conveniently located place to stay. We are literally in the middle of everything. After a great lunch of sandwiches and fresh fruit juice, we headed back to the park to get on our bus for the tour.

20130504-230118.jpgWinding through the streets of Lima while hearing the hustle bustle of the cars below honking nonstop, crossing lanes, bullying ways through red lights, it’s amazing we didn’t see any type of accident. The architecture made for some great photo ops and by the time we made it to the historic center of Lima, we were getting ansy to disembark and see some sights on foot. We ended up at the oldest monastery in Peru. It began construction in 1490 ish? Think Columbus discovery, and continued for over 200 years.. Think pilgrims landing. Tiles were original as was so many other architectural elements such as the puzzle piece ceilings were absolutely incredible. We then journeyed into the catacombs which were very interesting as well. We saw where bones after bones of 10,000 bodies were decomposed and the bones all remain.

After the monastary, we got back to the bus and headed for miraflores again this time passing by all the parks and boardwalk that we had enjoyed during the bike ride.

We then headed back to relax a bit before our culinary experience at astrid & gastón, a restaurant recommended by a friend of karthiks. On tonight’s menu was octopus, the ceviches, suckling pig, chicken, then the finale was a chocolate sensitive sphere. A chocolate, ball with raspberry compote that’s refrigerated and brought out with hot chocolate being drizzled on top to melt the sphere to expose the goodness inside. The most decadent of desserts ever, and a,a singly I shared.




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