Marburg reunion with Judith

2001 remains to be on of my most cherished years of life. This was the year, I met a great group of international students, with whom I connected with and felt so included as I’ve never felt before. As a group, we did so many things during that year, and I think of it often.

Judith is a prized friend from that group, and I traveled to Marburg to see her and her growing family. I was here 5 years ago during their wedding, and now they have two adorable children, who were so fun to meet! This year has been a lot of babies among my friends, so I can’t yet say that I love all children, but I’ve been lucky to feel a connection and enjoy seeing my friends’ babies. It will be even more fun to watch them grow up!

I ended up arriving a little early, and got a taxi to Judith’s. On the way, we passed a refugee camp, and Judith was telling me stories of what changes have been happening in Germany since the migrations have occurred. The demographics of Germany have definitely shifted noticeably, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.

We got to visit for a while until the baby sitter brought the twins home. I was wondering if they would be scared because I wasn’t speaking German (well only baby German), but they seemed to take a liking to me after I gave them each a princess chocolate tin with a zipper cap so they can put things in it. I saw a quick resemblance to me, as Lina tore into hers and began devouring the chocolate. I felt a sense of pride when Hanna too, began enjoying hers. I knew from then on, we will always be able to connect over chocolate. :)

By the afternoon, we were fast friends and Hanna even demanded me to blow dry her hair after her bath — she also wanted me to rub lotion on her, but I definitely have my limits.
We had an amazing visit catching up, going to dinner at the castle for more catching up and the Stadtfest (Town Festival). After an ice cream we headed back home for the evening.

The next day, Judith and the girls and I all went to their communal garden to get vegetables for our dinner. They have a plot that has all sorts of things from herbs, to pumpkins, to carrots. We picked up some huge zucchini and then brought everything back for our dinner prep.

We then went on an amazing bike ride all together, on e bikes. The girls were in tow behind Ulf, and we rode through the town hills, up to the tower that has a huge LED symbol on it, the symbol of the (Saint?), but is also the tower inspiring Rupunzel’s famous story. This LED lights up when a phone number is dialed, so you can signal to someone you’re thinking of them. Also, whenever a baby is born, the nurse’s are able to blink the light too. I thought it was a very unique thing to have in the city.

My time in Marburg was again so great, and reconnecting with a dear friend is the best time ever spent.

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