Mexican Food


Today, after class, we had a group of us to go out for Mexican food (yes, I partook) over in Holland Village. It was actually pretty good. I had an Enchilada de Pollo, and had a great chocolate kahlua moose for dessert. We ate outside and enjoyed the evening. We then headed home, and stayed out at the pool until about 12 before we were asked to leave (pool closes at 11). We also planned our weekend, which actually is going to be going to Malaysia’s eastern coast to a town called Dasaru. We got a great deal for an all inclusive deal for the weekend at a luxury resort (we’ll see) right on the beach. We had planned to go to the Island of Bintan, but due to history, the Dutch people on our trip were not allowed into Indonesia without their visas–so we opted for Malaysia. More on that when we return!

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