More Lunches with More Friends

Again, this morning we went shopping and met Olivia for lunch, who has been working on Carnival cruise ships for the past 9 months, and about to set off for her next jaunt in January. We then ran some errands and picked up some vegetables for a salad that we were bringing to Tom’s brother’s house for our Christmas Dinner. Annabelle, Tom’s sister, is going over to Australia for Christmas with her boyfriend’s, so this was the ‘family dinner’. Once we arrived, we saw the police and road construction like borders. Apparently a train had just struck a truck that was crossing the tracks just hours before. Luckily no one was claimed killed, but it was still eerie to see the site of a disaster like tragedy like that.

For dinner, we had a great lamb with potatoes, salad, and amazing dessert fruits, cookies, ice cream. We then had some presents to open, and Annabelle had me a little Kiwi pendant on a necklace made from Paua shell, which is found in New Zealand.

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