Nina, Benedict, and April dinner

Nina and Benedict are so nice. Nina is one of Judith’s best friends, and we are staying with them during our time in Berlin. Benedict works for Bloomberg like my friend Jason. Their apartment is awesome. I can’t believe how big and cheap housing is here!! This place has ceilings that are probably 15ft high, and it is sooo nice! I feel really lucky to stay at these places! Because of staying at friends, my money is holding up nicely, but if


you feel and urge to donate to this cause, please send it here!

We went to a place called April for dinner, which was a nice Austrian restaurant. It was so nice and the food was excellent. I had some type of vegetable enchilada with roast turkey wrapped inside. It was too much of course size wise, but I was proud that I finished as much as I had. Biking must have given me a bigger appetite for the night.

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