No jetlag

After yoga, mama and I came back home to find something for lunch. After much thought, mama decided to take me to one of her favorite sushi places in kawagoe a city north of shiki. After a nice walk through kawagoe and seeing people all around enjoy the tiny beginnings of cherry blossoms opening with barbecues everywhere and food stalls along the river banks, we found the sushi place. We sat down an had a nice lunch. After lunch we headed ban home to get mamas things for a meeing she has this evening in shinjuku. Together we took the train to ikebukuro so I could exchange my japan rail pass in or the ticket. I then went alone around ikebukuro for some shopping– mainly to see what’s new in the electronic stores and stores I used frequent when living here. After a couple if hours, I’m now on the train back home to meet up with papa for yakitori :).

One thought on “No jetlag”

  1. Ben please tell “mama” that we are so happy that you are able to spend time with her. Keep the photos coming!

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