Off to Thailand

Well, I can’t believe that I am on my way to Thailand now! So, after weeks of long preparation, I am finally on the plane! Maya and I went to school to take care of some business–Post Office, money exchange etc. So, finally we were off at 1:30 to the airport–We took the cheap way which leaves from Nippori, and takes about an hour and a half. So, we went, happened to meet someone we knew on the bus, then happened to meet people who were leaving the same day at the station, and they rode with us to the airport. Talk about coincidences. Then, the funniest episode from Maya happened–she had her orange juice set on top of her luggage while we were riding the train, and the train stopped a little bit, and she went for her juice, but misjudged a bit and threw the entire carton on the girl sitting in front of us! It was funny, but sad at the same time. .. So, then we finally arrived at the airport, shopped around a little bit since we had some time to spare. Through immigrations, we coincidently saw Cindy, she was heading out for about Coincidences happening!! Found our gate and then boarded the plane. It was dark by that time, so it was nice to see Tokyo from above. The flight took about 7 hours. Flying into Bangkok, it was interesting to see rows of gold lights, which I still don’t know what it was. Anyhow, we landed and got off the plane to meet a HOT Bangkok! It was like summer!! So I am glad that I didn’t pack a lot of warm clothes! Anyhow, we get out, go through customs and then are off to find a cheap taxi to take us to our hotel. The taxi took us to our hotel in about 40 minutes. It was so interesting to see this place! It really reminded me of Russia–by its development and such. So we finally arrive to the hotel, and go to the desk, and there’s a note from Julia and Mike, who came earlier that day. We get into our rooms, and they’ve got beautiful views of the city–from the 17th floor! It was gorgeous. We saw Mike and Julia, and were glad they had made it safely as well. Then, we pretty much just hit the sack, and got ready to go out the next day.

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