On to nagoya

This morning I got up walt to catch the express to Kyoto then Shinkansen on to Nagoya to meet with shoko. Seeing the countryside wasvnice and I got to rest along the way.

Once at Nagoya station I headed foe the gate that shoko was meeting me at and surprisingly shokos mother and father were both waiting for me. I didn’t even notice until they were write in front of me and practically grabbed me! Shoko was waiting at another exit just in case.

We then went to the garage to get the ca an go pick up her sister and baby nacchan. We all got in the car and nacchan was the cutest kid ever! She took a liking to me and it as fun to talk to her. She’s still in baby talk being 2 years old but says some really funny things.

We had sushi for lunch. It was conveyor belt style sushi moving around the entire store. The fun part was there was a computer screen where you could order specific items and the a little model Shinkansen would speed out to your table and deliver the items.

After lunch we went back to shokos parents house to put my backpack down. We then got in shokos car and drove around to see her old schools. We then went to an old area where they do alkaiets if pottery and looked around at items.

After the pottery village we went to the sea and walked around a lighthouse. There was a gate around the kight house that had all these padlocks on it. Apparently it’s a place young people go to show their love like in the old days carving a heart in a tree. On the padlock, they write their names and a little message and secure it sound the fence.

We then went to a shrine that was perched in the mountain top that overlooked the sea. We got to catch up about things going on in each others lives so it was good.

We then drove home and shokos mom was cooking a big tempura dinner with all vegetables fresh from the garden. Seems like I ate forever! We looked at picture and the mother is interested in trying to use English and does her earnest to make sentences. It’s pretty impressive how she wants to be able to speak English.

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