Out to the Bach

Merry Christmas from Christchurch! Today, we got up and headed for the beach house bach which is about 45 minutes away North from Christchurch. We arrived ready and hungry for lunch and had a barbecue done as soon as a few others were to join. After a great lunch, we had a nice dessert of fresh fruits and such. I then got a call from my parents who had been trying to call me for about 5 hours to wish me a Merry Christmas. We then went for ‘Chrissie Pressies’. I actually had a few gifts under the tree! I got a calendar that featured pictures of Christchurch and Canterbury, a Photographer’s Journal, and a 2006 Diary/Planner, all featuring photography from New Zealand. We then spent the afternoon hanging out and Tom and I went to the beach to check it out. The weather hasn’t been the greatest, but it was still nice to see the Ocean–imagining that the next stop out is probably Chile South America. Dinner was leftovers and it was a nice quiet evening.

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