Photography Exhibition


There was a photography competition at USyd this month, so I submitted some images to be shown. All 9 were selected to be shown. Since I’ve never had a showing of my work before, I didn’t really know what all went into it. Anyhow, I left class early to go to the opening function, in which I was quite happy that I had so many supporters. Paula, Sarah, her boyfriend Ben, my two flatmates, and two other friends David and Julius all came to take a peek at my work. What was so interesting and fun, was to see other people coming and taking actual time to look at each picture in detail, and then smile and talk about it. After about a half hour, the announcer came on to tell the winners who they were, and unfortunately, I didn’t get any mention. But, what was rewarding enough was a couple that came out of the blue who found I was the photographer of those works and said, ‘We thought you had it in the bag by far–we’re really surprised.’ So, just that comment made it all worth while, plus the fact that so many people came to support my work being shown. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Haha, I loved your comments on my site. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything TOO crazy to report but it is only Thursday and a stellar weekend is coming. I have to vote for the Tango pic (top, center) you took in (I’m assuming) BsAs (as well as the bottom right one). I like all of them, though, and I continue to look forward to the time when you start making some CASH from all your pics!

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