Port Tour & Little India

Today, after our lectures we were taken to the port for a tour by PSA. This has been a really interesting trip this time?my first time to be on business and the scope of the things that I?m seeing is really ?work centric?. When else would I have gone to the International port of Singapore? When would I have gone inside the port to see all the gantry cranes and ships being discharged? It was truly incredible. Especially cool is the fact that this is in an industry in which I?m working, so it meant a lot more to us than t would the normal tourist. After we got back home, Karthik, one of the Asian trainees and I ventured to Little India for dinner and shopping. He took me to a really traditional Indian restaurant and I got Puri! This is doughy type bread in the shape of a bubble that you eat with vegetables. So, here, I hate with my hands and ate an all-vegetarian meal. It was a lot of fun, and really felt like I was in India. After leaving the restaurant, we headed toward a place called Mustafa, which is supposedly the biggest thrift type store, that has good prices on cameras, cell phones, down to socks and shoes. It was a huge Wal-Mart type thrift shop and was quite an experience. It was really interesting just to peruse everything. After that, I went to a traditional saree shop, where I got some great deals on some nice sarees. After returning back from Little India, I rushed back for my group presentation and started my laundry. These days are long and filled!

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