Race Car driving in Tampere, Finland!

Today we drove to a place where you could drive really fast go carts. They weren’t the normal go-carts that go just a measly 25mph, but super go-carts that can get up to 60mph!! It was so hilarious. I got in the car and straight off I ran through a huge puddle and got soaked. Of course I thought that all the protective clothing that I was wearing like the gloves, helmet, and overalls would definitely be waterproof, but I soon felt the nice damp feeling in my seat meaning that I had really soaked myself already in the first 3 seconds of driving. So, I went full force trying to catch Jyrki, Miia’s boyfriend, around the track, of course TRYING to miss the puddles, but for those of you who know how well I aim, you can imagine how I managed to hit EVERY single puddle, throwing mud and water up on my helmet glass and on my overalls. I was just glad that even though I spun out I didn’t flip the little cart!

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