Stop in Vancouver


Our next stop on my vessel tour was Vancouver, British Columbia. It was so beautiful pulling into port there. The skies were clear and blue, the air was fresh, the city situated on the water was so nice looking. There is a huge white, canvas-type looking, area that is the dock for the cruise ships. It also was an IMAX theater, but gave a very nice shape to the architecture of the skyline. Getting off the vessel and walking into town, you pass a very shady area. However, just a few blocks past it is the quaint area of Gas Town. Here, there is an old steam clock that runs only by the power of steam. The walkways were cobblestone and the roads were small and narrow. It was really european looking. After shopping and hanging around the area taking pictures, I made my way to the more center of town where there was a tall building with a viewing area above. It was cool to see how large Vancouver actually was. It seems like a very livable city.

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