The Last Supper

Today we spent the day relaxing and enjoying the weather. Zhenya Grisha and I went to the park with his bike in tow, along with his new scooter he got for his birthday. It was a nice day, but still some clouds in the sky. After a few hours in the park we went home and got changed to go to our last supper.

We went to an Italian place in Novogireeva and had some really great food—honestly probably the best I had in Russia. We ordered several drinks and dishes, and finished with some great desserts. Risottos, carpaccio, pizza, salads, and cheesecakes, ice cream in a coconut, and an ice cream sundae. It was a great way to spend our last supper enjoying and recounting the events that had happened during the week.

We then walked home and spent the evening playing PS3, Angry Birds (which thanks to me now everyone is addicted to), and I was getting my backpack ready for tomorrow to leave to Spain.

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