Train to Firenze (Florence), Italy

This morning, we woke up and got breakfast and got on the boat to take us to the station. We found our train quickly and I bought lunch for the ride. We had a good train ride and changed in Bologna. However, during the ride, I was asked for my ticket, and I showed my Eurail pass, and asked the conductor to tell me the date so I could write it on the pass for him to stamp. He got flustered for some reason–I guess he didn’t understand my question, and just left without stamping my ticket. So at that point, I was like hmm, I wonder should I just leave it blank, save that trip, and then just pay for the rest of the way to Florence since it would be just $7. So, when we got off the train though, the one to Florence was already waiting, so we went ahead and boarded. This time, yes I know shame on me, when the lady came by to check the tickets, I headed for the restaurant car, and bought an apple juice, and waited until she left. So, free trip to Florence for me* So now, I have another trip on my pass that I can take…

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