Train to Göteborg (Gothenburg)!

We headed out around 11:00am to get a train to Göteborg for a couple of days. The trip took a while because there were so many transfers. The scenery was nice though for the most part, until it started to rain. It sounds like just before I came to Sweden the weather was perfect, and now it is really not so good. I was lucky though with my entire trip thus far with weather, so it’s no big deal to me. I am seeing so much cool stuff anyway, the weather need not be sunny everyday. We got some tourist information on one of our connections and found a hotel that is actually on an old ship called the Viking. So, we called and booked a room for us. It turns out it was a great place because not only were we in walking distance of the Amusement Park, but also the rest of the town center. Göteborg was nice, and I really liked seeing it because of APL too… if I were to be placed in Sweden my 3rd year rotation, it would be in Göteborg…

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