Train to Salzburg

This was a bad morning. Not only did my train leave at 7:00am, but I also didn’t have a lot of sleep the previous night due to these American guys in the room. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice and all, but every other thing they said was, just have faith in God or God will take care of you. I mean EVERY sentence seemed to have something like that in it, and they spoke so loudly, it reminded me of the Osama bin Laden tape where every other word was Allah. Anyhow, I met some Americans waiting for the train. They were brother and sister, the brother just graduated like me, and the sister having a year left, and just was finishing her study abroad in Spain. Anyhow, I had wanted to sleep I guess, but it turned out they were really fun to talk to, and we spent the entire trip talking.

Funny thing is, all of a sudden we were all told to get off the train and some station and there’s a bus waiting for us. They understood that we had to change trains, but I really thought we had to get on a bus. So anyhow, the little old woman who was in the compartment with us tried to explain what was going on.. so she drew a picture of a train, marked it out, and then drew a picture of a bus and circled it. Sure enough at the next station, the whole train is unloaded onto these buses, driving through beautiful countryside of Austria, to some random train station, where we connected, and finished our trip to Salzburg.


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