Viva Las Vegas!


What an amazing weekend! Rebecca, Stacy and I headed off for Vegas after quite a scare of missing our flight–which we did. We were waiting in line for our flight, but, it was the line for the flight subsequent of ours! Why does Southwest allow people to start queuing for a subsequent flight before the other flight has already left?! We were just chatting the whole time in line and saw the numbers of our flight taken down, we charged the front asking what was going on. They said we would have to fly standby, which gave us quite a scare. So, with schmoozing and smiling, we got our 3 seats on the next flight just 40 minutes later. Whew!

Once we arrived, we picked up Chris at the airport and all headed to Paris and Aladdin. We checked in and rested a little bit and waited for others to arrive. We then got ready for dinner and had all of us meet down in Paris– We had Mitch, Laurie, Stacy, Chris, Rebecca, Matt, Kevin, Ed, Toby, Will, and me all for my birthday dinner.

After dinner we went to gamble some, and get ready for some clubbing. Vegetarian Rebecca (after 12 years of not eating meat, just recently started having meats in her meals) ordered a fat filet mignon and spent the rest of the night regretting it.

At the club, I ran into a couple of colleagues from my work. Very random! We spent the entire night dancing.

The next day we got up to get lunch and explore the other hotels. We went by the Bellagio that had amazing flower gardens and glass work. We lounged and watched people and chatted the entire afternoon. We then went to a tattoo parlor to get Rebecca a new tattoo. After her new butterfly, we headed back to get everyone together for dinner #2–a buffet at the Rio.

After Rio, it was time to go out dancing again, and we watched some shows at the clubs. It was great! The weekend in Vegas was definitely a time to remember! — Definitely too short!





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