What an Awesome Day!

So today was incredible. I got up in the morning and had a great sandwich lunch and then headed off to post my classified ad in the Nichigo Press, a Japanese circulated newspaper in Sydney. That was the first time I’ve really used my Japanese in quite a while! Then, I headed to Broadway to meet David, a new client for web design. On the way however, I received two calls in regards to my ads for the English tutoring, so I’m glad to see that at least people are calling.

David is an actor in Sydney, apparently pretty well-known, and I spoke to him about what I was able to provide. After about an hour, I got a good sense of what he’s looking for, so I’ll start working on his site soon.

I then headed to uni, and after class, there was a post graduate party being held. Right when I walked in the door, I saw this white guy speaking Japanese to a Japanese girl, so I made my B-Line over there and joined in. Boy am I glad I did! They were so nice and more and more Japanese people started appearing. I had a great time meeting everyone and using Japanese, though I felt a bit rusty–it’s strange how comprehension never seems to go down, but moving your mouth and spitting out the words takes a little bit to get back into. Anyhow, I enjoyed FINALLY meeting Japanese friends, and hopefully we’ll be hanging out again soon.

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  1. Great entry! We are having fun in the Smoky Mountains. Be home Friday. Glad you are having a good time. Love you. Mom and Dad

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