APL Dinner and off to Moscow

The next afternoon, I went to shop a little bit, and then got my stuff together to stay with Rob in Uxbridge, as I was leaving the next day to Moscow. We met some other workers in the Uxbridge office, for some drinks, and then went to one of the worker’s house for dinner. We ordered pizza, courtesy of APL, and the leaving vice president ordered about 8 pizzas for 8 people. As wasteful as this seemed, he still had the audacity to make a snide comment about me not eating the little crusts at the end of the pizza. I guess he didn’t seem to mind the waste of leaving 5 pizzas uneaten, but those two crusts sure did erk him.

That night I went over to Rob’s, and got ready for my flight the next morning. I had had such an amazing time in London, that I didn’t want to leave, and Rob made it even harder by making comments about me having to queue for food when I go to Moscow. I know, I know, it’s not like that really, but it is indeed a more inconvenient place than England. The next morning, we drove through London to pick up Stephen, as Rob and Stephen are airplane buffs and wanted to see me off at the airport. We said our goodbyes and I was off to Moscow for Evgeny’s wedding.

From this trip, I know for a fact I will be visiting this great city again. I really enjoyed the people, the social life, the environment, and the overall ambiance that this great city gave to me in just one week. I look forward to my next visit to London in the near future!

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