Arrival at Hervey Bay

After my quick flight up the coast from Sydney to Hervey Bay, I headed for my hostel that I booked called the Palace. Once I arrived, it was a very cool layout for a hostel. It was these condominium looking buildings that when you opened the front door, it was a regular living room, kitchen and such. Then each ‘bedroom’ had bunks of 4 – 6 in them. It was quite good. My room had two Norwegian girls and an English guy in it. After checkin, I headed to the beach to enjoy the sun and get some lunch. I had a great chicken wrap with hummous, and a frappe with fresh mango and other fruits. I sat out on the patio looking at the ocean and enjoyed watching the various people try riding the banana boat being zipped back and forth behind jetskis. After lunch, I walked to the beach, hooked up my ipod and relaxed in the warm sun. The water was cool, and there was a light breeze which made lying in the sun very enjoyable. I then decided to take a break and head into the shade for some fudge…as you do. I walked along the esplanade and headed back to the hostel to see if I could find anyone fun for dinner. I came back into my ‘condo’ and met some other people who were staying in the other rooms. Most of them were doing their own cooking and such, so I headed down and treated myself to some fresh sushi from the bay :)

After dinner, I came back to the hostel, and enjoyed having a party of sorts with the other roommates up until midnight. Most of us were doing various tours of Fraser Island the next morning, so no one wanted to stay up too late. Exciting!

Happy Birthday Allan!

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