Cool Dingo Tour of Fraser Island

This morning I got up to head for my pick up early at 7:40am. Out at the bus stop were 2 Canadians, Claire and Christina who were also doing the Dingo Tour. We got on the bus as we picked more people up around the various hostels in the area. We then got to the Ferry Terminal where we paid our fares and headed to Fraser Island. The ride over was nice, the water deep blue, and perfect weather. Once we got off the ferry, we were gathered together to meet our group. There were about 36 of us all together, and I was really surprised because when they said 4WD on the brochure, I imagined the Land Rover type thing, but this was a bigger bus type thing. We got on, and our first drive up the hill was an amazing climb with bumps that threw people out of their seats. I couldn’t believe the power this bus had! We started our tour by driving to Basin Lake. Incredible Water, blue and as pristine as you could ever imagine. The sand as white and easily seen from the water. It was amazing. The ph balance is quite acidic and very good for the hair and skin… We did other hikes throughout the rain forest and walked in the Wanggoolba creek with the freshest water—so fresh you could drink from it–and we did! Huge trees towering above us shaded the entire area while the sun shined brightly above the canopy. Trunks like Sequoyahs were everywhere. The island is completely made from sand, and huge dunes taller than 100m rose like mountains throughout the scape.

We had a great picnic of sandwiches and cookies, words just can’t describe how pure everything seemed. We were so far removed from anything urban, I mean drinking from creek water and lake water! Our guide Patrick continuously made us smile with various sarcastic jokes about things on the island. We then headed to Lake McKenzie for a dip in yet more beautiful pristine waters. That evening we made it back to our lodge and had dinner with all the groups. It was cool to meet all the various people from so many different countries. We then ended the night just getting some rest, and getting ready for our next day.

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