Arrival in Cartagena

This morning I was brought to the airport by sweet Sandra and Natalia. Natalia made me areipas for breakfast this morning for my first time having a traditional Colombian breakfast. After breakfast, we were then off to the airport to catch my flight to Cartagena.

The flight to Cartagena was quite easy. Apparently there was someone famous on the flight because a bunch of girls tried to take a photo with this man who was standing behind me. I asked the person in front of me if he was famous and they replied saying he was a famous singer in Columbia.

I headed out the exit for arrivals hoping to see someone with a sign with my name on it. Sure enough, there was señor benjamin written on a sign with an old man holding it. I introduced myself, and then we were off to my hotel.

After getting a little settled into my room, I took a shower and got ready for my afternoon out sightseeing downtown. Boy, was it hot.

The old man to me back downtown so I could have lunch at a restaurant that had been recommended by Sandra. I had a wonderful ceviche, and then the seafood stew that was too much for me to even finish.

I’ve been went for that Castillo de san Felipe, an old fortress that have been created by the Spanish. With my audio guide headset on, I toured around the entire castle winding through tunnels, going upstairs and seeing sweeping views of the city below. After a while sightseeing there, I headed back towards the old city and stopped for a bite to eat.

It started to get dark a little earlier than I had planned, so I decided to take a taxi back to the hotel. The city has come alive tonight and music is playing everywhere because of a festival of lights. It is quite the lively festivities for the beginning of celebrating Christmas.

Tonight, my friend Andres will join so I will go to the airport to pick him up. Stay tuned for more adventures in cartagena tomorrow!

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