Full day in Cartegena

Last night, I went to the airport with Julio, who helps manage the small hotel were staying at. We took a taxi and waited for andres’ flight to arrive.

Hearing a plane overhead, we knew he’d be out soon. Finally, he appeared with his luggage and we were on our way back to the hotel. That night we walked on the beach and he swam for a split second and we went back to light small candles for the bellitas festival.

We chatted and caught up a while. All of a sudden, he said oh a dog is there, pointing to outside our gate. I turned around and didn’t see anything at first and then saw a dog head looking straight at me which startled me to the point of literally falling out of my chair.

The next morning, we got up and headed for the old city after our delicious breakfast of some flavorful eggs and fruit juice. The sun was getting hotter as we waited for a local bus to take us into the city.

After a good ride to the old city we started wandering within the city walls. The colors of these houses were so pretty, and the vegetation simply added to the character of every building. Wandering along the streets led us to churches, plazas, museums and fountains of water. We went inside a gold museum that had unique pieces that had been molded centuries before.

We then went to an amazing creperie called creeps and waffles. And as it sounds, it was divine. The interesting tidbit here is that the company is growing and employs only women. They make donations to women for appliances for the home as well. Andres had a steak one, and I went for the Peruvian chicken. At the end, we followed our meals up with a sweet crepe and I had the most decadent Nutella, almonds, and condensed milk cream crepe.

After our amazing meal, we were tired but kept up our walking throughout the beautiful streets. While the sun was hot, the breeze from the ocean was a welcomed coolant. We then decided to head back home for the day so caught a bus back to our place.

After returning, we headed for the beach to layout and rest a little while. It was so relaxing. We then decided it was time for dinner and walked down the road to a place called teso el blas. Here I had a huge steak and frites, and andres had a huge full fried fish.

We then strolled back home and andres’ aunt arranged for our trip to Santa Marta the next morning.

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