Arrival in Christchurch

After a little bit of a bumpy flight (caused by the Southern Alps), we arrived in Christchurch and greeted by Tom’s mom. She was so kind and vivacious and really made me feel like I was at home. We then drove back to her house in a suburb of Christchurch. After showing me the house, my room, and giving me a muffin before bed, I took a shower for a great sleep. The next morning, we woke up and had some breakfast and packed some clothes for our weekend trip to Akaroa. Tom’s friend is having a wedding here, so he’s going to do that while I enjoy the sight of this french town situated on the water. This is where the French landed in New Zealand, but the English were here first, which is why they’re part of the commonwealth instead of being French. :)

Annabelle, Tom’s sister arrived with her car, and along with some other visitors from Australia, we all headed for the town Akaroa by leaving Christchurch and weaving around the water and up over the mountains. We arrived and had an amazing lunch at a restaurant right next to the water. After lunch, Tom started stumbling into his friends who were also attending the wedding. There wasn’t enough room for me in the hotel that Tom was booked at, so I was going to look for a backpacker’s hostel, yet one of the friends we met, offered their spare room to me. Everyone I’ve met so far has been extremely nice and interesting. I think this is going to be a great trip–it’s started so well so far!

During the wedding, I’ve been walking around taking some amazing photographs. Now with my tripod, I should be able to take some stunning panoramic photography. I’m also going to head to dinner in a bit and eat following it up by the town cinema which is playing a french film at 8pm. Then I’ll go meet up Tom and the others for after wedding celebrations.

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