The little town of Akaroa

The town has been taken over it seems by all the people who have come for the wedding. Everywhere we turn, there’s one of Tom’s old friends saying hello. After a magnificent breakfast, we wandered over to the house of the bride and groom’s parent’s for a barbecue. It was a nice wooden home that faced the water and the hills of Akaroa. After a while, I wanted to go explore a bit and headed for a hike around the hills. After a near-attack by this Rottweiler child-killer charging me from some beat up house, (yes, apparently white trash finds a home even in Akaroa), I headed up the mountain to see some beautiful nature scenery. I then returned to the main strip to have the absolute best muffin I’ve ever had in my entire life. Raspberry with custard?! It was amazing. Raspberries with little squirts of custard spread throughout. I sat in the cafe and had the snack while catching up with Who! (People Magazine). I then met up with Tom and some people and spent the evening hanging out.

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