Back in Buenos Aires

The bus pulled in the terminal at 7:30 this morning and I was ready to get some more sleep. The streets were damp, the clouds were low, and the city looked so tired. The tree-lined streets made for such a nice drive to Recoleta, where I am staying. I took a nap, and headed out for the day wandering around the main avenues of Libertador, around the zoo, through parks and around to Santa Fe. I stopped at a mall for lunch, and then an amazing little delicatessen that had all their mouth-watering desserts displayed like little soldiers in the window. Of course you can´t pass by one of these and expect to continue on without trying one.. or two, or a bag of them. So, I managed to pick out about six little desserts, and headed for the internet café to catch up on some of these entries! Tonight, I will be going out with friends of Leo to a dinner party!

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