Back to Melbourne

What a rotten turn of events :( The weather not only didn’t get better, but it also got worse. After leaving Warrnambool and heading back through Port Campbell for a stop at the lighthouse, the weather continually declined and I was worried I might not get a better look at the Apostles. I did get to see the London Bridge, which was a huge rock formation with a hole in the middel, yet the weather continued to deteriorate. By the time I got to the lookout for the Apostles, it was raining and misting so badly, that I didn’t even feel it was worth stopping! A tree which had fallen blocked off the rest of the Great Ocean Road, so the only route back to Melbourne was to take the freeway (which of course was the faster option anyhow) which cut up through Simpson and led back to Melbourne. Such a disappointment, but at least I got to see them at all!

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