Day around Melbourne

Today I started off the morning going to the Picasso Exhibit that Melbourne is hosting at the moment. It was a great exhibit showing the decade of works during 1930’s-1940’s. For the listening guide, they had little ipods that would guide you around giving you background information about the artworks. I thought it was a great thing to do, and I’ve heard about those touring companies that have ‘podcasts’ that do walking tours around cities. It’s a great idea! After the exhibition, I headed to lunch and enjoyed walking around the shopping arcade. After walking around a bit more trying to find some interesting pictures, I headed for the free tram that circles the city. It takes you the full circle and tells you places of interest along the way. It’s a great way to see the sights and have the freedom to hop on and off at your leisure. So all in all, Melbourne is a great place, yet with better weather, could be even more enjoyable for the visitor :) I did miss one thing while I was here.. the colorful beachouses down at Brighton Beach– may be well worth one last trip here just for a weekend jaunt!

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