Back to Sydney!


This morning, I woke up to make sure I caught my 7:45am taxi to the airport. Despite having my alarm set, my mind won’t fully rest unless I continually get up and check and make sure what time it is. So, I didn’t have the greatest sleep. After I packed up, I headed downstairs to check out. There, was Carrie, who was also going to be brought to the airport by the manager, Mark. Mark then realised that I was on the same flight to Sydney as Carrie, so he offered to take both of us. We got to the airport, checked in, and saw that our flight had been delayed about an hour and a half. We were there at 8:15am and we weren’t going to fly until 12:30pm! Good thing she was there, cause we had a great time chatting and having fun in the airport. We got some breakfast, shopped, then got some lunch with our free vouchers. We then got on our long flight home to Sydney.

After take off, we saw great views of Honolulu from the air. I then got settled and ready to watch the videos when I leaned back my chair, only to hear the gruff of this Australian bitter girl in her mid-twenties. Apparently she didn’t like that I used the reclining function that every passenger on the plane has. So, she made a scene and made her mother switch. Then after a movie, I got up, talked to Carrie a bit and sat down for my meal. After the meal, again I got my seat comfy for another movie, and this time when I leaned back, the girl punched my chair and started chewing me out saying I was crushing her mother. This is indeed untrue, as the mother was a petite little 50-something year old. She continued to say that she’s been on so many flights and that no one has ever leaned back their chair on them, and I should be courteous and do that too. I told her that I’m sure I’m not the only patron on the flight using the full function of my chair and that it was my perogative to gain the full comfort of my seat that I paid for. What I really wanted to tell her is if it was so bad, she should exchange with her mother, deal with it herself, and then fill out a comment card to Qantas airways complaining about the seat configurations. Perhaps with her complaint, that poor victim will sway Qantas to redesign the interiors of their Boeing 747-400’s to accomodate passengers that wish to use the reclining function. What ever happened to the joy of flying?

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