Goodbye to Rebecca et al and Flight to Honolulu

This morning, we all met at the Marriot to have one last feast together for our adventure in Kauai. My flight was the first to leave, so I had to gobble down my breakfast, make a quick goodbye, and get to the airport for my flight back to Honolulu. Fortunately, Donnie, one of the cousins, lives in Honolulu and offered to come pick me up and show me the island. So, I flew from Kauai to Honolulu and there he was to pick me up!


We had a great lunch together at the marina and went to the top of Alona Tower to view the city. We had a great time talking about the city, and he loves showing people around–so I was in luck! We drove all around the city down towards Diamond Head, passing the infamous Waikiki beaches. We also drove over to the Real World House which is on the line of such magnificent homes. We ended up driving into the crater of the volcano at diamond head to get an inside look at this dormant landscape. Next time, I will definitely do the hike up to the top! We then drove around more and found me a hostel located just a block away from Waikiki beach. It was perfect (which was a relief after some of the hostels I had looked at). I got a private room for my stuff and felt safe. We then went to the mall, and I did a skechers run and bought 3 pairs of shoes, as they are quite expensive in Australia. I went to Gap and Old Navy looking for some t-shirts, but didn’t really find anything I liked–so that was my shopping trip. I said goodbye to Donnie and then headed to walk along the beach. It was so great. I was thinking I should have stayed there longer cause of how lively it was! People were everywhere surfing, hanging out etc. It was the atmosphere that I thrive in, and I wanted to be there longer! The water was perfect temperature, and you could swim out so far and still be in shallow waters. The water was gorgeous and the landscape was really what I thought Hawai’i is to be like. I then found a place for dinner and wandered around after my meal taking in the scene. I love when it’s warm outside at night, it’s great. I also found a Coldstone’s Creamery and hooked myself up with a great ice cream. So all in all, my one day of Honolulu was an excellent teaser.

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