Bus Ride to Violin Repair Shoppe

My parents brought my violin out with them when they visited after having it restrung and such. However, it fell out of tune on the transit here, so I brought it last week to get it tuned and fixed up. I found a place in the Haight that did this. On Tuesday it was ready for pick up so I took a bus over there. Bus #21. About half way through, I see commotion up at the front, and hear people yelling, so I take off my headphones to discover this:

An elderly woman had asked a young black girl to get up and give her seat to her, and when she said no, she must have tripped over the black girl’s foot, but she went toward the floor and ran to the bus driver. She was yelling that the girl had kicked her, and everyone said that the girl had kicked her. We sat there stopped on the street as these two people were yelling back and forth about who kicked who first, until the passengers started getting riled up. Despite all the yelling and commotion, the passengers practically turned on the old woman, (granted, she sounded a little crazy), and yelled for her to get off the bus so we could leave. Eventually we all had to evacuate the bus and wait for another one, because a policeman on a bike came to settle the despute. The funny thing about this, was that throughout the entire fighting kicking and screaming that went on, the black girl still had her cell phone to her ear the entire time!

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