Great week with Rebecca, and Goodbye USA!

This week, my best friend Rebecca came for her visit to Tennessee. We got really tan by sitting by my uncle’s pool and playing in the sun. We went to Knoxville to visit some friends and went to both Sun Down in the City in Knox, and Night Fall in Chattanooga. She was really impressed with all the sights and really enjoyed her time here. I did too! Today, I will leave with Rebecca for San Francisco, and move on to my new home–SYDNEY AUSTRALIA! I won’t have an update for a few days I suppose, but, please feel free to e-mail me anytime, as I’d love to hear from you. The next post will be from Sydney!

Globetrotter Images Part II Complete!

Round II of my Images migration is complete. Check out all the travel galleries available for viewing. While I still have one last tweak to CENTER all those pictures with the slide background, I simply ran out of time. Also, if anyone knows CSS well enough to know how I can center those images, please let me know–I’ve tried everything I know how to do!


First Stage of Globetrotter Images Online!


Check out the new images library I have for all my galleries. The only ones available at present are for Argentina and Brazil, but rest assured that the rest will be online soon with a few more tweaks! I’m trying to figure out how best to display all these pictures, that have different widths and heights–I’m almost there! Stay tuned to globetrotter images!

Getting Organized, and Brazil Page Complete!

Well, getting back into gear of my big move to Sydney is a little daunting, and it’s just getting into the thought process of what do I actually need to bring with me! It’s very exciting, and scary all at the same time, as I don’t have arrangements for my housing yet and such.

Anyhow, I’m trying to organize all my photos from my trips, and I’ve selected a few for my journal entries–Check them out!

Back home in Chattanooga! Argentina Page Complete!

Well, this afternoon I arrived back in Chattanooga after virtually 34+ hours of traveling. It started yesterday morning at 4am when I woke up in Buenos Aires, flew to Rio de Janeiro, spent from 10am to 7pm there, then flew all night last night to Houston at 5am this morning, then flew to Atlanta at 7am, then took a van at 12pm to Chattanooga, finally arriving at 2pm. WHEW! At least there’s no jet lag to get rid of.

So, after some chat with the family, I looked at all my pics and I am weeding them down to post along with the journal I kept during my travels. Please view the Argentina page complete!

Mr. Belding


For those of you who watched Saved by the Bell when we were kids, this will be funny to you. During my trip home, my mom and I drove over to Signal Mountain to Shuford’s barbecue to try some of their ribs. When we walked in, there were pictures of famous people who had come in to eat their ribs before, but a couple of Mr. Belding from Saved by the Bell. I had remembered hearing that he was born and raised in Chattanooga, but as I turned around, he popped out of the restroom! I was really surprised, and we went ahead and introduced ourselves and asked him some questions. It was just so funny to actually ‘meet’ Mr. Belding of Bayside High! Highlights Chattanooga

Today I was at the internet cafe in the Apple store and was checking the news on As tomorrow is my flight back to Tennessee, the article Chattanooga, A Riverfront Reborn obviously struck interest with me. It will be very interesting to be back home in Tennessee, only to come back to San Francisco in stopover on my long journey to my new life in Sydney.

Farewell Party at Rebecca’s

Tonight I had the best farewell party! The day started pretty hectic as there was a lot of shopping and preparations that needed to be done for the amount of people coming for the party. After a run to CostCo and picking up enough to serve about 70 people, we got the party ready and started. I was so happy to get a chance to say goodbye to so many people and the turnout was great! Throughout the entire evening there was about 50-60 people who showed up. The event went down in my book as the biggest best celebration I’ve ever had! Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come over and say goodbye. You guys have all been a great party of my chapter here in San Francisco, and I know that I will be in touch and hoping to see any of you down in Australia! You now have a place to stay!

Company Farewell Party


Today was the farewell party that my company put together for me, all with the best chocolate cake straight from a Scandanavian bakery. It was great! With all goodbyes and last minute wishes, you never feel like ‘everyone’ is there, but I saw so many people yesterday who came to wish me luck in my new endeavor that it was really touching to see everyone. The most touching was getting so much praise from people who never even really worked with me, but just new me running around the office, all up-beat and friendly. It felt so nice to be able to tell everyone how bittersweet the move is, because it really all comes down to the people–it’s not the job that I’m sad to leave, it’s the people.

Newest Member of My Camera Family


So I finally made the purchase of the much awaited Canon Digital Rebel XT, Canon’s newest addition to their SLR line. For several months I’ve been researching which SLR camera I would like best, and with the quality, size, and UI of these cameras, I knew this was the one for me. This will be the start of my professional image library that I hope to start selling some of my works. Be sure to stay tuned as I finalize my galleries and start posting to my images site!