Christmas Dinner


Tonight, my flatmates and I had our Christmas Dinner together with some friends. Whenever we do a party, we DO a party. Chris had found some sticks out in Potts Point to spray paint white, and he strung lights on them and hung ornaments. The tables were brought out to our back balcony and set with white and silvertable coverings, along with place settings. We had a bonbon (a popper with a surprise in it) on each of the plates. We had the speakers out playing Christmas music, and around 7, the guests started to come in. Our first course was an amazing crab salad that Stephen had prepared, along with Mango champagne and wines. We then opened our bonbons to reveal the little surprises — playing cards, mirrors, and odd knickknacks. Then, someone from the building next to us called down from his 14th floor apartment and told us to pose for a zoom picture he would take of us. He then said he’d bring down the film and give us the pictures. We then had the main meal which included roast potatoes, salad, roast beef, and green beans. After everyone finished dinner, Chris brought out the dessert cake with 3 sparklers in it. It was an amazing strawberry cream cake from the restaurant he works in– Yellow. We then enjoyed the evening listening to music and enjoying the views. So nice to have warm weather to do these nice activities for Christmas!

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