Tonight I started working at a Japanese restaurant right at my doorstep called Himizu. I was a little concerned about eating (as I was to start at 4pm and no idea when I’d be done with training), and Chris my flatmate said that he doesn’t get fed at his restaurant, so I ate a snack before I left. Well, when I got there, we all cleaned for about an hour, then everyone sat down for a dinner together before we opened at 6. The best thing about the Japanese restaurant is that there was only one non-speaker of Japanese there! So I chitchatted away the entire night in Japanese with our staff and Japanese customers. It was great! I really had a good time, and think I’ll be a great server–I love to schmooze! Plus this will give me a little extra income to help out with my travels!

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  1. Very cool, Ben! I am still very jealous of you and my younger brother because you both can speak Japanese .. fluently. Congrats on the job! It’s perfect for you.

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