Company Farewell Party


Today was the farewell party that my company put together for me, all with the best chocolate cake straight from a Scandanavian bakery. It was great! With all goodbyes and last minute wishes, you never feel like ‘everyone’ is there, but I saw so many people yesterday who came to wish me luck in my new endeavor that it was really touching to see everyone. The most touching was getting so much praise from people who never even really worked with me, but just new me running around the office, all up-beat and friendly. It felt so nice to be able to tell everyone how bittersweet the move is, because it really all comes down to the people–it’s not the job that I’m sad to leave, it’s the people.

One thought on “Company Farewell Party”

  1. Ben! I heard the rumor, I meant to drop by and just heard you’d already bid adieu to APL. I’ll miss you and your energy, but think it’s fantastic that you’re seeking new adventures and lessons. Cheers, Cecilia

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