Cool Dingo Tour of Fraser Island Day III

sand_jump.jpgThe third day of our tour of Fraser Island proved to be yet more beautiful landscapes of this wonderous island. We made our way in the morning to Lake Wabby, an emerald green lake with sand dunes rising up so high. We gazed out at the ocean from the lookout, and then hiked our way down the mountain to the sand dunes and ran towards the water. It was such a beautiful area, I’ve not seen anything like it. I felt like I was in a desert! After doing some fun pics of jumping over the sand, we swam a bit in the green water. We then headed toward the bus on the coast to ride to our barbecue lunch. Lunch was quite good, and it was nice to chat with the others. We really were with some fun people. We then hung out on the beach until it was time to make our way to our last lake, Lake Birrabeen. Once we arrived, the guide offered to hike to another rust colored lake that I thought could be interesting for photography, so I joined. After we arrived, the lake was rustic, but it sure didn’t look appetizing to swim in. So we returned to the beautiful clear waters of Lake Birrabeen, and tasted the water while we swam. This was our final day, so we drove back to the campsite, and headed for the ferry that was to take us back over to Hervey Bay. several people had booked a place at the YHA, so I decided to stay there as well, to hang out with people more! Once we got there, I stayed in a room with the Swedish girls, and we all ate and played games in the evening. The hostel was quite nice, but it wasn’t nearby to anything, so if the people hadn’t been there, I definitely would have wanted to stay elsewhere.

The next day, Dan, a swedish guy, and I went to wait in front of the hostel where several of the others were going on whale watching tours. Unfortunately we tried booking the previous day, and couldn’t find anything available, so we were hoping to join one of the other tours if they had space. Luckily, there was space on one, and we were shuttled to the marina to go for our whale watching excursion. The boat was quite big, and we headed toward the northern edge of Fraser island following any pods of whales that were spotted by the captain or passengers. Since most were mothers and calves, I was wondering if we’d actually see much, but then one group just played and played in front of us. The sun was warm and bright and the breeze was almost chilling, but the sights of seeing these huge mammals pop up at out of water to play or look at us was fascinating. The bottoms of the whales were complete white, and we’re told that they are only found in the southern hemisphere. It was very cool.

After our tour, we headed back to the hostel, and I hung out with the dutch girls by the pool. We thought it’d be fun to have a barbecue or pizza for the night, and we opted to have a pizza delivered. While waiting for the pizza, we began playing Jenga, and I became a star. Apparently, I had a unique gift for being the last person to find a possible turn, and it ended up with me removing the two legs of the entire structure, simultaneously (like a magic trick), where the structure stayed in tact, yet two feet were removed. Everyone was clapping and going crazy when they saw this, and believe it or not, I did it two more times, once on video! (I will hopefully get the video soon so I can prove it!)

I also bought a ticket to ride Greyhound down to Noosa the next morning with two girls from Israel. It will be an early morning, but this will have us on the beach by 10:30am tomorrow!

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