Greyhound to Noosa

This morning, the Israeli girls and I got up at 6:15am to be picked up for the bus station to head to Noosa. For some reason, public transport in other countries outside the US just seem so much less nasty than what I’d imagine. The buses were clean, as well as the people, and I felt safe using Greyhound to go from one place to another. Apparently it’s one of the most popular ways to travel around Australia, where people are buying passes per kilometer, or unlimited, reminding me of the Eurorail pass of Europe.

After our 4 hour trek to Noosa, we arrived at the bus stop and headed for the hostel conveniently located across the street. We checked in and we headed to the beach for lunch and fun in the sun. The beaches were beautiful, and looked very much like the Israeli town of Natanya, where the girls were from. I only REALLY believed them when a hotel was named that, which another jewish person later told me that it’s named that due to the resemblence of the two towns. Spent the rest of the day just lying in the sun and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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